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Questions to ask a breeder before buying.

It’s always difficult to decide on where would you buy your new furry child, the problem is not every breeder is the same… And not even to mention the scammers… Buying a registered kitten and paying a premium price should check some boxes. I some cases you find a breeder that is breeding the cats for money and is almost a “kitten mill”.The problem with this is not all “Maine Coons” are the same, the breed is prone to certain deceased and most breeders test their breeding cats before even considering breeding with them, you don’t want to end up buying a new furry child and 3 years in you discover the cat has a heart or a hip problem. Purrfectness is one of those catteries that test all their breeding cats to ensure there are no genetic deceased passed on to the next generation. So I compiled a list of 12 questions to help you find the right breeder:
  1. Where will the kittens be registered?
  2. Where are the kittens raised?
  3. Do the kittens have any form of identification, such as microchips?
  4. Have the parents been screened for any inherited diseases known to be a problem in that breed?
  5. Is your cattery FIV and FeLV clear?
  6. Do the parents have a full 4 generation pedigree, not “underdevelopment”
  7. Have, or will the kittens be given their first and Second vaccinations and deworming before they go to their new homes?
  8. Does the breeder spay/neuter the kittens before they go home?
  9. Does the breeder show his/her cats?
  10. At what age does the breeder place kittens in new homes?
  11. Are your cats caged (this does NOT include a catio)
  12. What do you feed your cats?
These questions will help you to quickly gauge the “quality” of the breeder and their kittens.

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