What is CatzMS

CatzMS is a cat management system for breeders.

Why did we create CatzMS? My husband got annoyed with me getting annoyed that I always have to use a pen and paper and write everything down then losing the paper or the paper got damaged. Now everything is stored in the cloud!

We tried google sheets and excel but it was just not user friendly. So we created CatzMS. It was only supposed to be for Purrfectness, so the coding, look and feel was very basic to be in time for our first litter in Estonia. 

After we used it for our first litter, it worked so well that we wanted to share the love.

As we develop updates and features for Purrfectness all these will become available to all breeders on the app and the app will stay FREE for all breeders!

Sign up for CatzMS:


The first test run completed, minor bug issues to sort out

Login system completed account can now be created.

Works out the current weight and previous weight shows and highlights the difference.

You can now delete every entry that you have made

Up comming changes:

Advanced login system – Allow people to recover accounts/passwords.

Bugs/Features section – Allow people to report bugs/ request features.

Data Validation – Ensure data entered into the system are correct and correct errors are given when incorrect data is entered.

Matings –  calculate based on parents, colours of kittens that may be expected

Litter details –  indicate if Kitten has picked up weight or lost weight since  last weight measure

Litter details – work our average weight for all kittens on a specific day and display according to own kittens

Complete design overall – redesign all the look and feel aspect of the app

Native app – create Apple and Android Native apps

Photo uploads – create an area where you can store kitten/litter/mating/cats photos for future use