Purrfectness Quest for Fire

Date of birth: 4/10/2019
Colour: f 24 09
Sire: Chester Strong Spirit 
Dam: Fabiana Strong Spirit of Purrfectness 

DNA N/N Negative:
HCM (Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)
SMA (Spinal Muscular)
PKDef (Pyruvate kinase deficiency)

HCM Echocardiogram 2021 Normal

Chester Strong Spirit

MCO n 09 23

Fabiana Strong Spirit of Purrfectness

MCO fs 24

W.CH. Vilarcoon Da Vinci

MCO d 22

Naomi Cempbell TRI D

MCO f 23 03

Giovanni Forest Pearl

MCO d 22

Volnacoon Olivia

MCO ns 24